Server opens today!


We updated our client due to minor issues, run launcher.exe to obtain the latest fixes automatically. 

In the meantime, if you are waiting, please help us by posting at facebook about or mu online server.

All help is welcome!


Thanks and have fun on our mu online top servers 2019!


Posted 21 / 09 / 2019

Downloads are ready

Download are now ready,

You can now download our latest client at

In the meantime don't forget to vote for us, to get some nice start wcoins!


1 more day left before the grand opening at 21 september 2019

Posted 20 / 09 / 2019


We gladly announce our top mu online servers on 21 September 2019:

All our mu online servers have:

- New anti-hack and anti macro system, we want fair gameplay for all. No point to play in a bot cheat server.

- Fixed agility bug and character & skills speed system. This due to our serverside anti-cheat system + visual fixes for all the muonline skills.

- Dedicated Xeon servers, for a low lag gaming experience.

- 24/7 online longterm servers, we paid our hostings and licenses for over 1 year so to ensure it will be longterm 



Noble muonline LOW exp server information:

Noble mu online low exp server is something different. We configured and changed every mu online settings par monsters, par map to make a new top mu online experience. To fight lorencia monsters for a while and gradually move your way to higher maps. It will be a challenge, did you ever were scared for a budge dragon? If you run into him without armor you better be! But don't worry, after you collected enough zen or if lucky find a good drop you will face him without fear and you will be able to explore more muonline monsters on your journey!

Noble mu online LOW experience server, is a hard server where team play will be the main factor to attack higher bosses. It's not for the impatient players, but for the hardcore mu players who are looking for the old mu online experience in a new jacket! With our new balanced sets and features, we ensure you a fun journey and we wish you luck!


- 10x to 50x exp system, we fully recreated our exp system. This exp system is par monster and par muonline map, therefore we are unable to set a fixed value for it, it feels a challenge approximated 10x - 50x.

- Adjusted majestic and master exp system, this will feel like low/medium to ensure it won't take forever to get to the max.

- Every monster is configured to be a challenge. It still will be hard and fun to fight monsters at new maps even if you have a lot of resets. That's why 64.000k max stats, and reset keeps your stats to prevent 10.000 hours grinding without losing the real mu online touch. Leveling, finding new monsters and gears remains fun all the way to the top!

- Balanced spots, up to 3 to 10 monsters. The bigger spots are hidden deeper in the map. You will have to find them with your party or guild.

- Even when maxed out you still need to fight lower bosses to collect gear and confront the top-bosses. Top-bosses will require a party or an active mu online guild.

- Basic shop items but with good hunt/upgrade possibilities. Explore all our maps to find and upgrade your set. This is a must to progress and keep at the top from our mu online ranking. If you feel stuck a default shop items might save your day to survive your current monster spot.



Noble mu online HIGH exp server information:

Noble mu HIGH experience server is for the easy players. Fast leveling up and fast hunting. You are just a player who wants to hunt and build the best set there is. Therefore we build our high exp server just for you. We still make sure there are plenty of spots & bosses so you can advance in the muonline game. But don't expect it's too easy, there will be some challenges up ahead to overcome and enrich the game with a good muonline experiences. 


- 9999x easy server, easy leveling/grinding your way to max stats

- 10 points par level, reset by the website and keep stats.

- All Chaosmachinesrates are 95x, Elemental/Ertells 100x.

- Combo for all classes. Now all classes can perform a combo to close the gap at close range battles.

- New ancients items are available.

- Socket + excellent are enabled.

- Improved PvP and PvM system, since we enabled socket + excellent + combo for all classes we have recreated our PvP system and PVM system so all classes feel fairer. But keep in mind every class got its pro and cons- Wcoins by grand reset, and wcoins by devilsquare and boss drops


Noble mu online servers are different, so give it a try for 1 hour and hope you will see what makes it special!

Posted 12 / 09 / 2019

Mu online Noble information

Grand opening at 21 september 2019

Before we launching noblemu we Fixed Mu Online the following bugs/issues:

+ Add support for Combo for all classes
+ Add support for Excellent options on Socket items. 
+ Add support to use TOCA + TOL in chaos machine together

+ Fixed Mu Online issue where it was unable to equip selected Muuns
+ Fixed Mu Online Ring of Block effect is not visually applied
+ Fixed Mu Online inability to use kalima map with character over level 400
+ Fixed Mu Online mastery sealed mixes do not come with luck option
+ Fixed Mu Online pentagram mixes do not work properly with stacked jewels
+ Fixed Mu Online Fire Slash Enhanced (4th) does not deal any damage in PvP
+ Fixed Mu Online Magic Slash Enhanced (4th) does not deal any damage in PvP and PvM
+ Fixed Mu Online inability to use Jewel of harmony while it is stacked
+ Fixed Mu Online Dark Horse level up issue
+ Fixed Mu Online Triple Shot damage range issue
+ Fixed Mu Online GameServer crash

+ Upgraded antihack system
+ Fixed Mu Online loren deep event rathian lolzed up
+ Changed loren deep times + 3 hours due siege
+ Updated latest security issue's
+ Removed  [PC] 8 hour Gift Box since useless bugged
+ Fixed Mu Online golden rathian drops ( needs testing )
+ Fixed Mu Online invability to create life stone by guild assistant
+ Fixed Mu Online possible issues with expanded inventory quest
+ Fixed Mu Online number of achieved experience while having Rune Wizard in party
+ Fixed Mu Online inability to edit harmony options values for weapons
+ Recreated some skills to be fully dependant of server (hacks prevention)
+ Fixed Mu Online visual issue of mining cars in Kubera
+ Walk Speed Check system adjustments resolving selection of issues
+ Rathian boss, spawns bosszone, lorencia ring, vulcan, swamp of calmness and more maps :P 
+ Stay just 1 hour online to earn wcoins 
+ All chaos castle monsters give you wcoins 
+ All imperial monsters gives you wcoins + bosses imperial events give you awakeII box 
+ all monsters in devilsquare 7 event is wcoins
+ all monsters in doppelganger event 
+ arca event winnings = wcoin+ box, awake,ultimate, or flawless box 
+ Mini boss happy pouch arena = wcoins
+ Mini boss monster gorgon = wcoins
+ Land of trials 5 rathian bosses. Must win castle siege to enter
+ Add books for summoner at xshop
+ Increased Moss (earrings,etc) % of other items
+ AllianceMaxGuilds = 7
+ Castle siege runs it's normal cycles now, so register monday/tuesday only for siege event!

+ Added Epic items with Ancient types: Atron
+ Epic Boots drops from Awakening Box ( 10% drop )
+ Epic Armor drops from Ultimate Box (15% drop )
+ Epic Pants drops from Flawless Box (20% drop )
+ Epic Helm & Gloves drops from Absolute Box (25% drop )

+ Added Epic Elite ancient items
+ Drops from Epic Elite Box
+ Fixed Mu Online minor issue on text name+number when drop custom ancient items
+ Fixed Mu Online 380 options not showing
+ Added Enhanced balrog + Kubera mines
+ Added Ice king + Davias
+ Added Fire valkerie + losttower + Kubera mines
+ Added (normal)rathian boss + Boss+zone
+ Added (golden)rathian boss + (invasion tarkan)

+ Improved antihack versus light macro's
+ Blocks clients to play on a virtual machines
+ Improved antihack mechanics serverside
+ Reduced view distance at ds7 to fix lag
+ Balgass only drops custom jewels now
+ Disabled offtrade at noria, only possible at davias

+ remove /reset from ingame, you can now do this only by website 
( this due all those different types of macro's impossible to block for us )
( we still keep updating and blocking new macro's we find )
+ 1 grand reset is now 30 resets ( due to extra time to going to the website )

+ Improved antihack + auto+ban enabled if detected !
+ Labyrinth of Dimension fix
+ Fixed Mu Online MUUN times are up to 2025 ( was 2014 )

+ increased mg pvm
+ GL pvp damage to bk reduced abit

+ Fixed Mu Online some items names
+ Fixed Mu Online golden sentence x+shop
+ added new flawless sets
+ Fixed Mu Online new items x+shop
+ changed bosses to drop awakeII,ultimate or flawless boxes, instead of the ancient item itself
+ removed david npc lorencia, lucky tickets can be used by right mouse click
+ increased player server capacity

+ Offtrade lorencia disable at pvp server, allowed ad non+pvp+2
+ Fixed Mu Online curse damage of summoner books
+ Fixed Mu Online quest index 181 gate number in GuideQuest
+ Fixed Mu Online success rate does not apply correctly in chaos machine while creating selected wings
+ Fixed Mu Online a problem of item losing its mastery bonus options after use of Jewel of Kondar or Jewel of Excess on it
+ Fixed Mu Online an issue affecting skill distance check, mostly affecting fourth skills
+ Fixed Mu Online Senior Mixes does not support jewels stack systems
+ Fixed Mu Online selected rings durability decrease problem
+ Fixed Mu Online elemental damage does not apply on Shinning Peak Enhanced skill
+ Fixed Mu Online usage of stacked Jewel of Life on Pets to recover their HP causing lose of entire jewels stack
+ Fixed Mu Online hints not working for Scramble Event
+ Fixed Mu Online invalid move location after use of Town Portal in Arca Battle area
+ Fixed Mu Online ability to store unlimited count of Elena's Letter in inventory, allowed count now is defined by value of Overlap
+ Fixed Mu Online custom jewels stack issue

+ Enabled back Labyrinth event
+ Fixed Mu Online RuudShop.xml, Exc attribute change of item 2,32
+ Fixed Mu Online resistance configuration of selected Rings and Pendants
+ Fixed Mu Online mysterious stone application does not respect the configuration of Luck for weapons
+ Fixed Mu Online durability decrease for Jewels of Harmony and Refinery packs
+ Fixed Mu Online mastery mixes issues
+ Fixed Mu Online possible gain of zen by overusing invalid price of selected jewels
+ Fixed Mu Online selection of quests can be repeated for an endless number of times
+ Fixed Mu Online Game Server vulnerabilities
+ New sets

+ New antihack updates
+ Blocks many known cheats
+ Preventive macro detection & blocking
+ Teleport, skill range and known stuff won't work anymore!
+ Auto+bot detection & block
+ Ban+system included
+ it will be active in 2+3 days so you are warned!
+ automatically bans persons for a time and lifetime, depends on the hack/macro type!
+ compitableness with most antivirus programs, if have issue put the file in the whitelist

+ All item+boxes & events+items must be trown now ( solves problem not enough inventory space )
+ elf,dl & gl have now 15% extra pvp+power vs BK only
+ winning events gives wcoins now, instead of goblin points
+ removed obtaining of goblin points
+ all goblin points are now tranferred to wcoins
+ removed x+shop goblin points
+ Fixed Mu Online minor translations for x+shop
+ removed x+shop absolute set and added x+shop absolute box
+ lord of ferea drops now % ruud boxes
+ Added 2 new absolute sets
+ Updates x+shop installed
+ tradeable seal added
+ Fixed Mu Online bug on muun pet causes sometimes crashes at x+shop
+ Fixed Mu Online issue with forced launcher update runs 2x
+ Removed 2 sets from Elite Set box drops, and added them direct to x+shop
+ Fixed Mu Online warp to mines, + Fixed Mu Online awake1+5 and ultimate set ancient sets for season14
+ Fixed Mu Online cloak for all classes
+ Fixed Mu Online small wings for every class
+ Fixed Mu Online warps to mining field
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong acc item drops from erohim
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong acc drops from kundun
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong acc drops from darkelf
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong acc drops from Maya
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong muun from maya hand right/left, added runewizard items drops
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong acc drops from Medusa
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong acc drops from Snakebosses
+ golden kundun runewizard acc drops
+ Fixed Mu Online wrong item options showing on awake & ultimate
+ Removed staff/stick usable for RW since it bugs skills
+ Added mace drops and haste skill drops at Ferea,Nars,Uruk mountain
+ added AA/divine weapons including claws & rw mace, to box5, boss maya+boss, maya+hands.
+ Increased majestic EXP
+ added rw maces drops from boxes, heart, ribbon,candy,chocolat boxes.
+ added new items to xshop.
+ Fixes wings equipable by all classes ( non+bound only )
+ Removed all bundle jewels, s14 you can just stuck them and use on inventory the button divide to split.
+ Quest info bug text.
+ Skill Haste Rune Wizard do not work in party.
+ Party Bug
+ Warp with MuHelper
+ Visual bug button Upgrade Earring
+ Rune Wizard " Soul Shard of Wizard " quest
+ Rune Wizard in Castle Siege disconnect
+ Mace Mastery skill (Stun)
+ ZenMultiSpotDropRate
+ Can not create seed
+ Imperial Guardian no Drop item
+ Assign Helper not working
+ Imperial fortess points for mastery box
+ reflect issue, elemental debuf e.t.c
+ DS points for mastery box
+ BC/DS points doesn't count to ranking
+ Rankings Chaos Castle of Surival (Battle Core) not show
+ No drop zen at 800 lvl 3rd class
+ Channel move issue
+ issue with majestic exp
+ Bleeding Pentagram Debuff Dont make dot Dmg
+ Can't buff others on Arca war Safe zone
+ IGC_AttackEvent + problem with death king
+ Elemental Symbol does not drop
+ phoenix shot in ML + no dmg
+ Range of Fire Burst Enhancement
+ Errtel in Pentagram get error in Battle Core
+ Mu Helper zen configuration issue
+ Chain Drive (Regular) skill do only 4 hits instead of 8 it should
+ Fixed Mu Online AwakeII types on new index
+ Fixes lost item when trades/store warehouse in rare cases
+ Fixes wearable by MG and/or RF due helm and gloves 4 acc types
+ Improved all blue eyes set ancient options
+ Fixed Mu Online xshop blue eyes excellent & ancient set items/options
+ Fixed Mu Online xshop runewings options
+ Changed elemental rune zen price
+ Fixed Mu Online majestic EXP+rate to higher rates
+ Pentagrams have 100% upgrade succesrates
+ destroyed current exp system & masterlevel & majestic exp system
+ Fixed Mu Online proper exp system without ridiculus amount of exp to max
+ agilitybug + Fixed Mu Online on runewizard

Implemented new antihack version
minor fixes antihack version
some item zen sell price
Runewizard PVM increased
tweaks at the exp system
socket items shows correct %
shows correct damage reduction % on excellent items
minor fixes on agility bug/speed skills runewizard
pvm runewizard further increased

+ Fixed Mu Online issue sometimes awakening item box drop but not fo
+ LT&atlans&tarkan + Magic Arrow Act skill + legendary Runewizard items drops
+ Icarus/skyland + Plasma Ball Act skill + Kanzaz item drops
+ Aida&Kanturu: Lightning Storm Act skill + Rune divine
+ Kalrutan1&2: Burst Act + Rune Light Gloves
+ Fixed Mu Online weird countdown after reset
+ Fixed Mu Online minor optimalisation
+ Fixed Mu Online invalid attack distance for skills
+ Fixed Mu Online SmallHealingPotionRecRate inproper spelling 
+ Fixed Mu Online GameServer vulnerability
+ Fixed Mu Online latest security updates
+ Added 9 new sets, with ancient options FLAWLESS
+ Fixed Mu Online boots colors don't match up with the old sets
+ improved antihack checks

+ Modified HWID system
+ Modified advanced macro protection in order to block all without exception.
+ Modified advanced cheat protection to detect / block / inhibit faster.
+ Added function that removes protection from cheats that protected themselves from PS, thus avoiding their workings.
+ Added protections in numerous PS functions thus ensuring their integrity.
+ Added advanced protection time setting 2, if increase time decreases PSGG CPU consumption.

+ Added Absoluate claws & staff to xshop
+ Fixed Mu Online Awakening staff does more damage then soul scepter
+ Fixed Mu Online disconnect issue using some upgrade skilltree skills
+ Fixed Mu Online warehouse money bug
+ Fixed Mu Online issues with Socket System, Cherry Blossom and Seed Spehere mixes
+ Fixed Mu Online LiftPKPartyRestriction option may not work properly in certain cases
+ Fixed Mu Online not working Switch Scroll item
+ Fixed Mu Online possible visual bug of duplicated name badge after executing reset command
+ Fixed Mu Online haste skill formula
+ Fixed Mu Online inability of creating Guaruda's Feather using RW class wings
+ Fixed Mu Online ability to move to Icarus using Party Move while not holidng required item
+ Fixed Mu Online Earring level requirement
+ Fixed Mu Online not working EnableMuHelper option
+ kantru 1+2+3 gemstone drops improved ( still rare ) 
+ mastery succesrates up to 100%
+ item lucky can be sold now
+ delay on some skills are reduced now
+ stun skill fix masterskilltree
+ MG pvm improved
+ PVP fixes all classes 9x9 tested! 
+ 81 character battles tests and tuning are done.
+ Improved bosses dmg/hp/def/
+ erohim drops now new sets. 
+ more erohim bosses at different maps
+ zaikan more powerfull, must use party
+ zaikan rewards is now 7500 wcoins
+ bc 10x enter a day fix
+ new bosses added, valkerie
+ Fixed Mu Online filter issue's
+ Fixed Mu Online dc issue for elf multishot at kalrutan spot 
+ removed pvp+event from silentmap
+ added new pvp+event at new ring+map at davias
+ added new warp to silentmap
+ added new map boss+zone2
+ added new boss valkerie
+ added boss at silentmap
+ added boss at skymap
+ box of kundun drops now only custom items ( box5 still drops AA items for all classes )

+ Fixed Mu Online diverse translations 
+ Fixed Mu Online files configuration ArcaBattleBooty MBoxShop for Eng version
+ Fixed Mu Online default rates config of OptionMixCount in ItemGradeOption.xml
+ Fixed Mu Online MuQuest reward issue
+ Fixed Mu Online Party Move issue
+ Fixed Mu Online Jewel Bundles configuration among range of files and systems
+ Fixed Mu Online Socket mixes issues
+ Fixed Mu Online 3D Cam get automatically enabled after map move
+ Fixed Mu Online Blue Eye conversion mixes
+ Fixed Mu Online Chaos Castle invitation ticket not working
+ Fixed Mu Online Golden Invasion visual effect
+ Fixed Mu Online Red Dragon invasion effect appearing on event square map
+ Fixed Mu Online ability to fix Pandora pick using stacked jewels

+ Golden box has % it drops ruudboxes
+ Silver box has % it drops ruudboxes
+ Silvester = goblin points + items + Ruud boxes
+ God of darkness = goblin points + items + Ruud boxes
+ Core magriffy = goblin points + more item drops + Ruud boxes
+ Nix = more item drops + Ruud boxes

+ Box of kundun drops goblin points
+ Kundun drops now more items + Ruud boxes
+ Erohim boss is abit weaker now

+ Medusa gives % of ruud boxes + 500 wcoins
+ Rathian has % of wcoin boxes drops
+ Wcoin+box drops 1500 wcoins

+ Added valkerie's at elbeland
+ Added erohim's at elbeland
+ Added deathking/skeleton at elbeland
+ Added spots at swamp of calmness
+ Added bosses ad swamp of calmness
+ Addes spots at vulcanus
+ Added bosses at vulcanus

+ Fixed Mu Online requim skill
+ Fixed Mu Online delays of some buffs

PVP currently + Fixed Mu Online battles.

BK vs ELF + Fixed
BK vs MG + Fixed
BK vs SUM + Fixed
BK vs DW + Fixed
BK vs GL + Fixed
BK vs RW + Fixed
BK vs DL + Fixed
BK vs BK + Fixed
BK vs RF + Fixed

ELF vs ELF + Fixed
ELF vs MG + Fixed
ELF vs SUM + Fixed
ELF vs DW + Fixed
ELF vs GL + Fixed
ELF vs RW + Fixed
ELF vs DL + Fixed
ELF vs BK + Fixed
ELF vs RF + Fixed

SM vs ELF + Fixed
SM vs MG + Fixed
SM vs SUM + Fixed
SM vs SM + Fixed
SM vs GL + Fixed
SM vs RW + Fixed
SM vs DL + Fixed
SM vs BK + Fixed
SM vs RF + Fixed

MG vs ELF + Fixed
MG vs MG + Fixed
MG vs SUM + Fixed
MG vs DW + Fixed
MG vs GL + Fixed
MG vs RW + Fixed
MG vs DL + Fixed
MG vs BK + Fixed
MG vs RF + Fixed

SUM vs ELF + Fixed
SUM vs MG + Fixed
SUM vs SUM + Fixed
SUM vs DW + Fixed
SUM vs GL + Fixed
SUM vs RW + Fixed
SUM vs DL + Fixed
SUM vs BK + Fixed
SUM vs RF + Fixed

GL vs ELF + Fixed
GL vs MG + Fixed
GL vs SUM + Fixed
GL vs DW + Fixed
GL vs GL + Fixed
GL vs RW + Fixed
GL vs DL + Fixed
GL vs BK + Fixed
GL vs RF + Fixed

RW vs ELF + Fixed
RW vs MG + Fixed
RW vs SUM + Fixed
RW vs DW + Fixed
RW vs GL + Fixed
RW vs RW
RW vs DL + Fixed
RW vs BK + Fixed
RW vs RF + Fixed

RF vs ELF + Fixed
RF vs MG + Fixed
RF vs SUM + Fixed
RF vs DW + Fixed
RF vs GL + Fixed
RF vs RW + Fixed
RF vs DL + Fixed
RF vs BK + Fixed
RF vs RF + Fixed

DL vs ELF + Fixed
DL vs MG + Fixed
DL vs SUM + Fixed
DL vs DW + Fixed
DL vs GL + Fixed
DL vs RW + Fixed
DL vs DL + Fixed
DL vs BK + Fixed
DL vs RF + Fixed

+ max+stats are now 64k due bug overvalue gives less damage/defence
+ max+level = 1050
+ fix explosion skill life drain
+ Upgraded, blood/dark/holy+angel + awakening + all lucky items ancients options.
+ Fixed Mu Online book of samahut 1 hit
+ Fixed Mu Online custom jewels do not stack
+ Fixed Mu Online Kanturu event terrains
+ Fixed Mu Online issue that was applying exp while staying in safe zone
+ Fixed Mu Online ability to "block" Nixie Lake event by a player
+ Fixed Mu Online Jewel of Kondar use on full exc item and adjusted its functionality to work up to 9 exc options
+ Fixed Mu Online 4th Enhanced Dark Side skill damage issue
+ Fixed Mu Online unavailability quests in Zyro NPC
+ Fixed Mu Online inventory expansion quest issues
+ Fixed Mu Online an issue causing sort of "lag" or "delay" while attacking monsters
+ Fixed Mu Online selection of options not workin in Blue Eye items
+ Fixed Mu Online Errtels upgrade invalid element issue
+ Fixed Mu Online Security vulnerability
+ Fixed Mu Online option names jewel of harmony
+ Fixed Mu Online elemental upgrade at adniel to lvl3 and higher
+ Updated cashshop
+ Fixed Mu Online minor security issue's
+ Can sell silver & gold key
+ Updates xshop with more items
+ Fixed Mu Online xshop pets
+ Removed double npc lorencia
+ Nars,Uruk mountains have now farming spots & bosses
+ Fixed Mu Online GrowLancer attribute spelling case in MuQuest.xml
+ Fixed Mu Online Summon Scrolls chaos mix
+ Fixed Mu Online quests unavailability at Zyro NPC
+ Fixed Mu Online Quest System rewards issue
+ Added support of Kubera Mine maps to party Move system
+ Fixed Mu Online GameServer freeze issue
+ xshop + shield description was wrong
+ Monster + added kundun at davias
+ Minor fixes at npc locations
+ Fixed Mu Online 100% elemental rates
+ Fixed Mu Online some lucky items coulnt be sold
+ Fixed Mu Online final antihack system
+ Fixed Mu Online some spot that gave dc at calmness
+ Fixed Mu Online some items names
+ Fixed Mu Online golden sentence x+shop
+ added new flawless sets
+ Fixed Mu Online new items x+shop
+ Fixed Mu Online new antihack+system

Posted 12 / 09 / 2019

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